Interior  doors

What should I pay attention to when choosing a interior door?

When choosing a door it is important to pay attention to the door quality, reliability and quality of the manufacturer’s installation works. We suggest to choose doors manufactured by experienced and being in the market for long time door manufacturers. They will be able to offer both standard and custom size doors, a variety of door models, the desired color and door hardware. Leave the installation of doors to door sellers / producers.

From which kind of wood do you manufacture your doors?

We produce doors from alder, ash and oak wood. We can also veneer some door models.

Do you produce doors of non-standard dimensions?

We produce doors in accordance with rough opening dimensions at Your place.

How long does the process of manufacturing the doors take?

Doors manufacturing depending on the model, wood, color lasts about 4-6 weeks counting from order acceptance. You should start searching for the doors two months before You’ll need them in order not to interrupt the housing installation works.

How much is your door?

Door price depends on door model, wood, rough opening, finishing, complement items etc. If You are interrested in the price please send us the dimensions of Your rough openings and during several days we will send You calculations. Also, our worker can come to Your place and measure the rough openings. This is a free service.

Do you provide any warranty for your doors?

Yes, of course, we provide a twenty four month warranty for the doors we produce.

We can’t find the desired door on your website?

If You can’t find the door model You wish for on our website, send us the desired door door drawing, photograph or contact us and we will discuss possible solutions together.

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